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“Michelle is an extraordinary expert in orthopedic and spine commercial operations, business development and sales performance with a well honed insight of customer needs and adept ability to address them. Michelle is highly regarded and builds and maintains deeply valued relationships. I had the honor of collaborating with Michelle in her capacity as Regional Osteobiologics Specialist (ROB) while I was Vice President, Marketing where she reported in to me. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate again with Michelle, as she is a strong asset to her customers, the team and organization and a pleasure to work with.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Amy Broidrick


Dear Michelle,

Congratulations on your new career and the new direction you’re taking. We developed a professional and ethical relationship over the years and I always appreciated the customer service and support that you provided. I enjoyed working with you to deliver cost effective quality care for our patients, which is the most important and the best part of what we do.


Jan, Surgical Services Education Coordinator, St. John’s Hospital--HealthEast Care System


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Michelle for several years in my career. She was always very organized, proactive and conscientious, always looking out for her customers. She worked closely with our team to ensure she had everything in place and available to support her territory. It was clear that she valued her customers and made them top priority. In addition, she had an excellent rapport with our Customer Service and Field Inventory staff. Working with her was always a pleasure and I wish her the best.

Michele Levin-DeGeorge, Logistics Manager, Medtronic Spine & Biologics


Michelle is an excellent sales and marketing consultant and proven performer with extensive knowledge and relationships in the Biologics and Tissue product sales arena. She is an asset to any organization looking to execute sales strategies or provide consultant acumen in regard to a Biologic based portfolio of products for Orthopedic Bone regeneration and fusion. Michelle has strong long term relationships in Neuro and Ortho Spine, Reconstruction, and Trauma. She is a team player and strong producer in either a consulting role or as a contracted distributor.

Jim Garvin, Area Vice President, Orthofix Spinal Implants


Michelle is an amazing advocate for her customers, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that their needs are met. She was an invaluable partner when it came to servicing our customers and a pleasure to work with. I’d be thrilled to have an opportunity to work with her again in any capacity.

Christina Karol, Sales Administrator, Nitto Denko


I have had the pleasure of working with and managing Michelle in two separate companies over a ten year period. Michelle is an exceptional rep who is totally committed to her customers and to her company. She is one of those unique reps that is not only naturally talented but is also willing to learn anything that will make her better. Her customers recognize this and were consistently the most loyal customers in the region. Whether in the OR and/or the office setting Michelle was always the one in command of the call. Any company would be lucky to have a person of her caliber and integrity on their team!

Todd Burkhardt, National Medical Sale Executive, MicroAire


Michelle is one of the most professional and customer focused sales professionals I have met. Her concern for customers, attention to detail, as well as concern for colleagues comes before her own interests which she has proven over her professional career. I also witnessed Michelle with a high energy level multi task between sales and management with her colleagues at JK Medical. The ability to grow sales and manage her team at the same time is impressive. She will help any organization that is looking for these qualities and sales skills to grow their business.

Joe Dardis, Laser Specialist, Biolase Technology


Michelle is an accomplished sales professional who excels in both establishing and servicing customer accounts and relationships. She is viewed as a consultative "partner" by her accounts and “co-workers”. It is through these strengths that she has been consistently successful in her sales performance. Her expertise ranges from individual sales to customer education-training, to sales management. I would highly recommend Michelle to any organization that is looking for a top sales performer in the market.

Bob Wynalek, COO & CCO, Board of Directors, Discgenics, Inc.




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